The Ultimate Travel Guide to Inspire Your Summer Vacation Plans

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Inspire Your Summer Vacation Plans

Now that COVID travel restrictions are finally lifted, the travel industry is booming more than ever. Airline tickets and hotel prices are skyrocketing with the massive wave of people desiring to do a wheelie out-of-town after the two year travel freeze we all experienced. Whether you are planning on a vacation for this summer or you dream of taking off for an extended period of time to explore the planet, you will want to know all the insider tips to get the best travel deals around.

This is where a local Austin family of three enters the picture (that’s us!). The Goyettes were like many other families – working for the weekend, tied down by a mortgage, inundated with bills, etc. but, like many, they felt the need for something more … So, one day we got off of autopilot and stepped out of our comfort zone to do something truly extraordinary: travel the world for a FULL YEAR! During our year-long trip abroad, we learned invaluable lessons on developing streams of income to fund our adventure, how to earn loyalty rewards for free travel and which destinations to choose based on overall value.

Kim Goyette (that’s me!) was so overcome by the mind-blowing experiences she and her family encountered while abroad that she was motivated to write a #1 Best Selling book to inspire others to live their world travel dreams. Just Plane Crazy! The Ultimate Guide to Affordable, Adventurous World Travel is a beautifully described travelogue brimming with practical advice and handy travel tips to include travel safety, what to pack, homeschooling while on-the-road, mistakes to avoid along the way and most importantly, how to partake in an escapade of a lifetime and return home with ZERO

debt. Just Plane Crazy is essential reading for all those who yearn to live life more fully. Above all, it shows that anyone can do it! No matter if you plan to travel solo, as a couple, with friends or your family, this guide is a must-have resource to assist you in every step of your journey. This book is THE MOST comprehensive resource for planning, implementing and living your travel dreams. It truly is the Ultimate Guide to Affordable, Adventurous World Travel! Click the link to Buy it on Amazon and get inspiration for your summer travel plans!

Safe and Affordable Accommodations for Solo Female Travelers

Safe and Affordable Accommodations for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling solo is one of the most empowering things you can do.  Not only does it build confidence in your ability to “make it” in foreign lands, but it also affords you the freedom to do anything YOU want to do, at anytime and anywhere YOU want to do it while on your adventure.  That means you are in total control of your experience and that is absolutely inspiring.

This aspect of travel can be very enticing for solo female travelers.  Hitting the road to explore the world with no ties or attachments might be the very thing a gal needs to fill her cup and invigorate her spirit.  Of course safety is a priority for every solo woman traveler and that is where HerHouse steps in.

HerHouse is an app that makes it easy for solo women travelers to connect with background checked hosts, so they have safe places to stay and save money while traveling. This concept was inspired by savvy explorer, Tess Millhollon, during her solo travels and how wonderful it was when she had local connections while abroad. Having local connections can not only help solo women travelers save money but it gives them safe females to reach out to if anything should happen while traveling. It was developed by a solo woman traveler for the solo woman traveler.

HerHouse is currently offering an exclusive Founders Membership for only $449. This will give the founders lifetime access to unlimited homestays in the HerHouse community. As the community grows over the years this will be an invaluable resource if you are a woman who loves to travel! All background checks are covered by HerHouse and they offer a 14 day refund guarantee.

Do not miss your chance to secure unlimited homestays around the world for a lifetime!  Watch out world, here we come!

Check out HerHouse at HerHouse