The Best Purse Selection for Travel Safety
Published: September 29, 2021
By: Kim Goyette
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Along with personal valuables, while traveling you want to be very discreet about your purse and/or wallet.  For our year-long trip around the world, I chose a very small, cross-chest purse from Baggallini, about the size of a large wallet.  It provided plenty of zippered compartments that could hold my passport, phone, cash and credit cards and that’s it.  I loved that I could easily hide it under my clothes if need be, and it would be harder for someone to steal while I was wearing it in the front of my body.  The Baggallini Take Two RFDI Cross Body Purse is a necessity for any type of travel and therefore makes the Just Plane Crazy TOP 10 LIST of must-have travel products.  Click the link and buy yours on Amazon today!



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