Hotels vs. Airbnbs for Long-Term Travel
Published: September 15, 2021
By: Scott Goyette
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One question we often get asked about our trip around the world is what kind of accommodations did you stay in?  Sometimes it’s fun to live like the locals and rent an Airbnb.  We often found ourselves in a cute little beachfront condo or a quaint house in the country for some of our longer stays.  Then we would shift gears and check into a five-star Marriott or Hilton for the weekend so we could regroup and enjoy the amenities.  All our booking decisions were based on finding general areas we wanted to visit and then discovering accommodations that made sense for that time in our trip.

First, I focused my attention on what our family wanted most in the moment—like access to a pool, free breakfast, our own kitchen or an exercise and laundry facility.  Then, I would zoom in on off-peak or low-cost-living destinations.  Finally, I would look at accommodation options located just outside of touristy areas that created better value.  This technique allowed our family to stay in first class accommodations at fabulous places like Valparaiso, Chile or Mendoza, Argentina for pennies on the dollar.

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